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Body butter - Glazed donut

Body butter - Glazed donut

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Fragrance description:  A Krispie Kreme donut duplication. Sweet, warm donuts covered in a sugary glaze. Top notes of sweetened milk, granulated sugar and pastry flour. Middle notes of confectioner's sugar and rich creamy vanilla

How to use: After bathing, apply a small amount of body butter to your fingertips, and then massage your skin until absorbed. Apply as needed, but remember; A little goes a long way!

Tips: Putting on moisturizer while your skin is still damp will trap in the moisture.

Benefits: Moisturizes, soothes your skin, helps reduce stretch marks and scars, helps dry skin, reduces wrinkles. They’re simply a must have in your skincare collection!

Quantity: 6 oz / 200ml

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