If you need financing, read this!

If you want to take a course but don't have the budget, we offer financing with a specialised company. 

Q.: Can i only finance the course?
A.: No, you can also finance your training kit. We carry everything you need including massage tables and lamps.

Q.: If my credit quote is not that good, can I still get financing?
A.: Yes, it's possible but the interest rate will be higher.

Q.: Is it possible to decide how many months or years I neeed to pay back?
A.: Yes, you can discuss with the person who will contact you to see what options are best for you.

Q.: Can I pay faster than I expected?
A.: Yes you can, it's an open loan so you can pay in full whenever you want without any penalty.

Q.: What is the interest rate?
A.: The rate is between 7% and 27% depending on your credit. You need to fill the form in order to be informed of the rate you would pay. If the rate offered is too high for you, you do not have any obligation. The interest rate is calculated with your credit score.