Eyelash adhesive allergies

So you have been doing your eyelash extension for 2 years and you wake up with swollen eyes, itchy and red chances are you have developped an allergic reaction to the eyelash adhesive. Don't get me wrong, i'm not giving you a medical advice here but I am giving you information based on my experience. So if you see the symptoms I have described above, I suggest you see a doctor or a pharmacist that will be able to give you advice and solutions and if they tell you it's an allergy, you need to see your eyelash technician right away to remove your extensions. Your allergy will not go away if you leave them on your eyes even if you have medication. With that said, the symptoms could also be related to a lack of home care and that could also be a conjunctivitis. That is why you must and have to seek for a medical advice. If it is a conjunctivitis, you do not need to remove them. After seeing the doctor, you must wash your eyelash extensions with the eyelash shampoo daily for the duration of the treatment they gave you to make your lashes are as clean as possible and prevent to get worse.

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